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Specialised Facial Treatments

Medical Micro-Needling

Is used to stimulate the body’s own collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and scarring such that is caused by acne. One treatment a month for a course of 4-5 treatments is recommended. Recovery can take 24hours up to a few days depending on the client. There is some contra-indications with this treatment.

Face & Neck €150.00 Face €100.00

Express Enzyme Peel

The ultimate quick fix, this invigorating, detoxifying treatment uses a powerful blend of fruit enzymes, vitamins and skin lifting Peptides to instantly smooth, firm and revitalise the complexion. Your skin is left looking glowing, fresh and vibrant.
For all skin types 30 minutes €45.00
Course of 6 €249.00
Course of 10 €385.00

Express Fruit Acid Peel with Pro-X Gel

Energise, exfoliate and recharge your skin with this intensive anti-ageing treatment, which banishes fatigue, clears blocked pores and smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect as a pre-party booster or whenever your skin needs a serious beauty boot camp!
For mature dull and lacklustre skin 30 minutes €55.00
Course of 6 €299.00
Course of 10  €475.00

Liquid Gold Anti-Ageing Facial

Our signature exfoliating and line fighting treatment targets signs of ageing, sun damage and fatigue using Alpha-H’s world-renowned “Liquid Gold” formula. Whilst a cocktail of natural fruit acids, fruit enzymes and vitamins exfoliate and renew your complexion, stress melts away as you enjoy a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage.
For sluggish, tired, prematurely ageing skin 60 minutes €69.00
Course of 6  €375.00
Course of 10  €599.00

Pore Perfecting Anti-Acne Facial

An invigorating dual effect exfoliation and deep pore cleanse which clears congestion and instantly revives a dull-looking complexion. Powerful natural antibacterial agents are infused into the skin to break the frustrating acne cycle. An invigorating hot compress pushes pure fruit enzymes and mineral rich clay deep into the pores to banish breakouts and blitz blackheads.
For problematic, oily and congested skin 60 minutes €69.00
Course of 6 €375.00
Course of 10 €599.00

De-Stress Rebuilding Facial

Plump, hydrate and rejuvenate your complexion with this deeply restorative treatment which accelerates cell renewal, stimulates colla- gen production and visibly restores suppleness and luminosity. Beginning with an aromatic de-stress massage, your skin is gently exfoli- ated using crushed Arnica and Hibiscus petals, revealing fresh new cells, which are then nourished with hydrating botanicals and enliv- ening vitamins.
For delicate, sensitive skin and Rosacea 60 minutes €69.00
Course of 6 €375.00
Course of 10 €599.00

Intensive Skin Brightening Facial with Pro-X Gel

A potent corrective treatment, which uses fruit acids, anti-oxidants and invigorating essential oils to restore radiance, elasticity and lu- minosity to skins blighted by hyperpigmentation, scarring, and chronic sun damage. The intensive peeling effect of our Sugarcane- derived Pro-X Gel lifts away layer upon layer of unhealthy, stained cells to leave the whole complexion looking visibly more energised and youthful.
For sun damaged, hyper pigmented skin 60 minutes €79.00
Course of 6 €449.00
Course of 10 €679.00

Alpha-H Treatment Cycle:

We recommend 2 to 3 courses of treatment per year – with each course comprising 6 treatments, carried out every 14 days for maxi- mum benefits. Targeted homecare will build on and accelerate results.

Microdermabrasion (Dr. Daniello)

In this hands-on non surgical facial, the magnesium oxide crystals have the abrasive effect of deep peeling the skin, and then powerful essential oils heal and regenerate new cells. This amazing facial is recommended 7-14 days apart for 6 to 10 treatments to reduce lines, wrinkles, tightening of enlarged pores, scarred skin and unsightly blemishes caused by sun damage. (1 hour)

Capillary Therapy (Dr. Daniello)

This vitamin H facial reduces red veins, high colour and uneven skin tone. It’s non-invasive, without needles, and is painless. A highly concentrated solution of vitamin H is applied to the skin, which strengthens capillaries. A course of six treatments is recommended for best results. €48.00